Consultancy for Surveillance companies

For Surveillance companies we identify a single reference person, within our society, who deals with the maintenance of relations with the institutions and all the tasks required by public administration: documentations, applications, security levels of the location, operations centre or caveau. Relations with nationwide Institutions (Prefectures, Police headquarters, MI.S.E).

Strategic Planning

We provide the client with a start-up project relating to the request which has been addressed (new licence, extension, amendment, compliance with regulations). We coordinate with the various business levels for the completion of bureaucratic paperwork, inspections and requests for new technical and operational projects. The whole project is supported by an analysis of feasibility and costs to plan the necessary activities.

24H Assistance

We coordinate all legislative and operative aspects of business processes. Emergency procedures are planned and managed through a 24-hour support in case of accidents and serious events.

Technological, legislative and formative update

We constantly update our customers. We verify the implementations of measures of active and passive security and requirements imposed by regulations. Furthermore, we evaluate new technologies to use, and, we analyse and implement new systems, procedures and security devices.

Project Realization

We take care of the drafting of applications and technical/operative projects and their presentation at all Prefectures and Police headquarters in Italy for the issuance of licenses, territorial extensions and new types of services. We operate in accordance with the dictates of the "Decreto Ministeriale 269/2010" until the final delivery, coordinating the project with all companies in charge of the execution of the technical part.

Integrated Network

Our network of selected synergies with professionals allows us to take advantage of a wide range of specialised personnel for the implementation of projects up to the completion of the work. Among the sectors involved we mention: telecommunications, UNI certifications, supply of materials, passive security systems, alarm systems, technical assistance.

Consultancy for Private Companies

Through our consulting services, we provide companies with the tools they need to deal with multiple scenarios. Thanks to constant reporting procedures and careful analysis of the environment in which they operate, we help them to recognize potential dangerous situations.

We provide companies with all the necessary knowledge to integrate their security levels with specific projects, including the possibility to use internal or external security guards.

We operate in three phases: study, management and implementation.

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Global security analysis through the assessment of risk scenarios.

Study and management

Study and management of responses and proposals for action in terms of reviewing procedures, human resources, technology and training.

Realization of the projects

Economic investment planning of the action, if any, combined with integrated network.