What is Security Management?

"Security Management is the study, development and implementation of strategies, policies and operational plans aimed at preventing, coping with and overcoming intentional and/or unintentional events that can cause damage to material, immaterial, organizational and human resources that the company has or needs to ensure adequate competitiveness in short, medium and long term". UNI 10459:1995

Barberis Consulting

Our company provides professional advice for Surveillance companies and all the firms involved with security. Furthermore, we care for companies with high risk for environmental impact, for high-tech products and for all kinds of companies that want to preserve their tangible and intangible assets through an analysis procedure.

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Strategic Planning

We take advantage of our experience within Security to continuously provide a complete and up-to-date service. Our collaboration with a network of professionals enable us to propose customised solutions according to each client's needs.


Our deep knowledge of the Security field and its multiple aspects allows us to provide consultancy for privates and Surveillance companies.

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